Schools Equipped for Distance learning

We are blessed in the Michigan Conference to have a tremendously dedicated educational team. . . We are facing unprecedented times in our country and Adventist Education is no different. However, God has been looking out for His schools and positioned us to meet this challenge by His grace. . . 



Regulations for On-Premise Employees & Social Media Protocol

Conference office, church, and school operations that must continue in-person tasks to conduct minimum basic operations where in-person presence is strictly necessary are required to adopt social distancing practices and other mitigation measures. . . 



Office & Church Closures through April 13

The office will be closed from March 24 through April 13, except for employees deemed critical to support essential basic operations. . .



Churches to Close Through March

Earlier this week on Tuesday, we stated that churches could physically meet as long as the shared space had 50 or less members in compliance with the corresponding state executive order. However, we are now asking that all churches close their doors through the month of March. . . 



For Immediate Release: State Executive Order Prompts Adjustments

March 17, 2019. The executive order (2020-11) that was issued by the state governor last night states that “all assemblages of more than 50 people in a single indoor shared space and all events of more than 50 people are prohibited in this state.” The 50-person limit remains in effect from today. . .



Livestream Worship Options

Many are unable to worship at a physical church due to Coronavirus protocols recommended by state and federal authorities. Click on the following link to find a church to live-stream this upcoming Sabbath. 



School Closures

March 13, 2019. Last night, Governor Whitmer, directed the closure of all K-12 schools, including public, private, and boarding schools in response to additional confirmed cases of COVID-19.




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Ellen G. White


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