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Justin Ringstaff graduated from Southern Adventist University and Andrews Theological Seminary. In 2006 he accepted a call to the Michigan Conference pastoring several churches, serving as district superintendent, and as associate ministerial director before accepting the call to serve as executive secretary. He and his wife, Chelli, met at Southern, were married in the summer of 1998, and love sharing their lives together in the Lord’s work. They have three children–Elijah, Enoch, and Emma. 







Deanna Hutchins is the Administrative Assistant for the office of the Secretariat. She graduated from Davenport, and enjoys long walks with her dogs, Benny and Phyllis, and her husband, Brian. 









Adventist laypeople who run supporting ministries, own their own businesses, or are in the professional world are invited to join Adventist-Laymen’s Services and Industries (ASI). ASI is an enthusiastic group of committed Adventists who are seeking to grow in their discipleship for the Master. This organization provides training and motivational fellowship for sharing Christ in the marketplace.

There are institutions of education, health services, and various outreach ministries that are not operated directly through the Adventist Church organization. These ministries are called “self-supporting.” They operate without any financial subsidy from the church itself, yet they seek to advance the mission of the Adventist Church. ASI is their organization of support for fellowship as well as fund-raising.

ASI is organized on the Union level and has a meeting each spring. The National ASI convention is usually held in August each year. Speak with your pastor if you are interested in more information about membership.