Elder Jim and Gail Micheff

Disaster Response Update
January 31

Andrews University and the Michigan Conference have collected items to transport to the victims of the devastating hurricane in Puerto Rico.  This picture is of the items collected by the students and faculty of Andrews University.

Michigan Conference also sent flood, buckets and care kits and nonperishable foods items to Florida for further transport to Puerto Rico. 
The Battle Creek Academy seniors are on a special trip to Houston to help victims of Harvey to rebuild their homes.

Thank you students for volunteering to help others when you could have gone on a sightseeing class trip instead.


     In our efforts to be more efficient and fiscally responsible, the conference has elected to go with a four-day workweek. Prior to this change, the schedule included a half-day on Fridays. In order to compensate for those hours, the office staff will add time to their schedules Monday through Thursday.
     In the past, the support staff was also on a flex schedule, where some could come in earlier and leave earlier, or arrive later and work later. We are standardizing the office hours so you can expect the office to be open from 8:00 AM  – 5:30PM  (Monday – Thursday).
     This move will save the hourly employees the time and expense of coming to work for a half-day on Fridays. It will also bring the Michigan Conference into line with the other conferences of the Lake Union.
     Also, please note that department directors are available beyond the stated office hours to best serve the needs of the Michigan family. You may call them directly or leave a message at their office number, which can be accessed remotely.
     The ABC will remain open on Fridays from 8:00 AM  – 12:00 PM. Their hours from Monday through Thursday are identical to the regular office hours stated above.

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