Flint Water Crisis

NEW UPDATE: The need for money now far out weighs the need for water.  Water filters are the biggest need as people must use water for other purposes than drinking.  There is a company who is willing to do it for a discount.  They will accept all water donations and you can call Diana Bruch to set up your delivery, however money for filter installation is the biggest need now and we are asking for monetary donations to help cover the cost of filters and installation.  NEW UPDATE

Currently the Seventh-day Adventists church members in Flint are distributing approximately 24 pallets of water a week and will continue to do so for the next 5 months until the new water-lines are in place. The water in Flint cannot be used for drinking, bathing or cooking.   Any donations need to go through the Michigan Conference and marked Flint Water Crisis.  Please contact Diana Bruch regarding any water donations.

The American Red Cross is taking charge of putting together 80,000 water testing kits which is the only job children under 18 are allowed to do (Pathfinders & Youth Groups).  Currently 11,000 have been made so they need a lot of help.
The Volunteer Reception Center is within the American Red Cross Headquarters and is in desperate need of volunteers for Data Entry, water distribution and filter distribution at the five Flint Fire Departments.  Please consider this volunteer opportunity.  You can volunteer by calling the community service phone number 211.
If you wish to make a donation, checks should come to Michigan Conference of Seventh-day Adventists and have Attention Disaster Response, to 320 W St Joseph Hwy, Lansing MI 48933 and be marked Flint Water Crisis.

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