Daily Schedule Analysis

Daily Class Schedule

Jr. Academy Minute Analysis

School Emergency Drills Document Form

School Board Information

Student Guest List

Technology Information Form

School Board Minutes and Treasurer's Report sent

Bible Labs Planning Form

Send a copy of last spring's JUNIOR ACADEMY APPLICATION FORM with any updates noted


A physical examination is required of all students entering a Michigan school for the first time.  A physical examination is recommended at grade 1, 5 and 9.

Student immunization Records nee to be up-to-date.  Non-medical Immunization waivers cannot be accepted without the county health department stamp and signature of the authorizing agent completing parent/guardian immunization education.

Invite speaker for your Fall Week of Prayer.



School Emergency Drills Document Form


Keep school Emergency Drills Notebook up-to-date

Final Budget for Current School Year Form is due November 10

Schedule Parent-Teacher Conferences for end of 1st qtr.

Start keeping track of new inventory and deletion of old inventory. (June 10 section)